Kikia7a’s Program

Kikia7a of Splatsin are the remaining fluent speakers that have dedicated to share their knowledge of the culture and language with the community that come the Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn with the intention of going to 'grandma and grandpas house' for some good food, to feel unconditional love and to learn from wise teachers.

Our Society takes pride in the work our Language and Culture Program has done to retain and promote the Splatsin language. By collaborating between the childcare programs and the language programs, our centre is able to offer culturally relevant education to children, as well as develop Splatsin language skills at an early age. The Kia7as come to our centre every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help document, teach, and preserve the Splatsin language. There are less than 1% of the Splatsin people who can still fluently speak the Splatsin language. So the Kia7as participation is vital to preserving our language.

The Splatsin language program also works with other agencies such as UBCO to develop a future game application for teaching the Splatsin language. They are also working on digitizing old audio tapes, video tapes and uploading words to the First Voices app/online teaching tool.

We encourage parents to become involved in our Splatsin language and culture programs. We need help from everyone to help us be successful in our programming.

Splatsin Language and Culture Program – 250-838-6404, ext. 225