Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that “children come first” in all that we do. Our centre will provide an atmosphere that stimulates positive learning, growth, and development in your child in a manner that is fun, safe, and positive. The foundation of our program is to treat all children with respect for their individuality and capabilities. We will provide experiences that allow each child to learn real problem-solving skills, in hopes they develop a view of themselves as capable individuals. Providing children choices as often as possible allows them to feel that they have a sense of power in their own lives. We strive to incorporate the Splatsin language and culture into all of our programs with activities such as language with the Kia7as, Winterfeast, traditional dancing, singing, hand drum making, crafts, staff language classes, traditional berry picking, curriculum such as the fish and hunting units and field trips like the Fish Release and Sunflower Picnic.

Fawn Program

The philosophy of the Fawn Program is to nurture and care for babies. It is called the Fawn Program as children gain their walking abilities in our program much the same as baby Fawns do. We will provide a positive environment that helps to develop each child’s specific level of development. Caregiving is the main curricular focus of the program, and consists of eating, diapering, dressing, and napping. Daily caregiving routines are seen as important learning opportunities for focused one-on-one interactions with children.

Bearcub Program

The philosophy of Bearcub Program is to give the children the words for their feelings and the skills to problem-solve on their own and to help develop their self-help skills. We call it the Bear Cub program as children in this age group are the same as baby bears. Being curious, rough and tumble and testing their limits. We will provide a positive environment that helps to develop each child’s specific level of development. Toddlers are active, curious people who often act on impulse. They “test”, sometimes doing things that are dangerous, and sometimes intruding on the rights of others. These are learning situations, and through them children gain a sense of their personal power, as well as reasonable limits and social skills. A major goal of this program is for children be potty trained. It is our intent that the children in our Bear Cub Program will graduate into our other programs with self-confidence, independence, decision-making skills, and respect for themselves and others.

Salmon Program

Children in the Salmon Program will be encouraged to learn problem solving and independence, through the provision of opportunities to promote respect for others and for themselves. It is called the Salmon Program as children in this age group are the same as Salmon fingerlings – learning to swim and find their way in the world. Children do a lot of learning through free play and outdoor learning activities, which creates opportunity for building social skills. Emergent learning is a big part of the curriculum. Children have an opportunity to learn to communicate with other children and adults about what their needs are. Circle times allow for an opportunity to focus on early childhood development and school readiness activities. Being independent is a big goal of this program.

After School Program

Our philosophy and goals for the after school program are to provide safe, fun, and encouraging environments for recreation and learning. We will encourage opportunities to promote respect for self and for others in the program. Our after school program will help give the youth their “wings” by allowing them to be involved in decision-making for the program. As such, our curriculum is based on the interests of the group, and will include culturally appropriate activities.